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    Default Teaching a young kid to surf.

    My daughter who is a little over two and a half years old want to surf on her own. I was wondering if anyone has a easy way to get the kids started.

    with a couple nephews and nieces around 5 to 7 years old we would start on the deck standing no the board than get the boat up to speed and i would let them out slowly. it some what worked for a couple of them.

    I am just wondering how everyone else is trying to teach the young ones how to surf.
    Also does a smaller board help a lot. I would think but wonder what everyone else thinks.
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    Wolfeman has a vid on facebook. Maybe he can put it up here?????
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    let me get the vid from Momma and I will show you we're trying with our 5 yr old son. In the meantime, I'll explain what we found best. Tried with the little board(s) and didn't work too well so went to the biggest board - my Inland Surfer Blue Lake. Let my son lie on his belly, ran it up to about 4.5 mph then he scoots his knees under him like kneeboarding and eventually he stands. He hasn't thrown the rope yet, but sure wants to. no ballast in boat and lots of shouts of encouragement from his older sisters helped, too!

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