I want to get my wife a nice ski for her birthday. It's not until October, so I'm actually ahead of schedule this year!

Little background...she will be 39 and has slalomed since she was a little girl. We have an LSV, and in the past 5 to 10 years we don't ski all that much, mostly surf now. However, usually at the end of the day she will throw on the ski and slalom back to the dock. She currently hates our ski; it's a cheap combo set from Academy and she said it's horrible. She also refuses to buy a good ski because she doesn't think she uses it enough to warrant one. So I'm going to make the decision for her!

So here is where I need help. She's 5'2" and about 100lbs. Shoe size is about a 6. Where should I look and what am I looking for? Please give me some recommendations. With the amount of use it will get, I'm hoping to stay in the $250 range, but don't mind spending more if necessary. Thanks so much!