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    Default A heel-side wake jump recipe

    Here's my recipe for a HS wake jump; not that I'm perfect at it or anything, but hopefully it will be of use to someone else.

    • The set up
      • Coast in the trough of the wake (on the toeside side of the wake)
      • Climb the wake slightly, and then edge out hard on your toeside edge with proper, tall body position. You should edge out harder on your toe side than you anticipate using on the inward, heelside swing.
      • Begin your coast with a flat board. Drop your rear hand (for regular footed riders, this is your right hand)
      • Settle into a seated position; concentrate on putting half of your weight on the front foot, half on the rear foot.
      • Continue to coast until the boat starts to pull you inward naturally.
    • The edge in, from the flats to the bottom of the trough
      • Once the boat starts to pull you in naturally, just go with it. Don't turn sharply.
      • you want a progressive edge inward, such that the pressure underneath your board (you can feel this because the line tightens up) increases gradually, with the highest pressure happening as you hit the top of the wake.
      • Your entire progressive edge, from beginning to end, should be in a seated position.
      • Your weight should still be distributed 50/50 through the entire progressive edge*
    • The takeoff
      • Edge all the way through the wake, which maintains the pressure under the board. Flattening your board during the takeoff "phase" will lose the pressure underneath the board which means no lift when you leave the wake.
      • Start standing against your edge, meaning away from the boat at an angle, at the bottom of the wake. It helps to look at the bottom of the wake consciously as you are edge in, so that you know when to start extending your legs into the standing position. And again, you're standing against your edge, because you don't want to lose your edge during the takeoff.
      • As you are standing, anticipate landing on the same edge; don't try to land on a flat board. This anticipation is another small thing that helps you stand against your edge, instead of flattening your board as you stand.
      • Continue to extend into a standing position until you lock out the knee of your back leg (the right one for regular footed riders) at the top of the wake, which means you are fully stood up by then. The goal is to make yourself stiff so that the pressure underneath the board tosses up your entire body, without your legs or waist absorbing that pop.
      • At the moment of take-off, pull the handle toward your waist very slightly; about one inch. This helps with stability.**
      • As a beginner, don't try to "jump" off of the wake. Just stand tall and make sure that your knees are locked at or before you reach the top of the wake. Think what happens on a trampoline, if you are falling toward it; all you have to do is stay stiff, and the trampoline will bounce you back up.
      • Once you are comfortable with the standing motion, you can try standing with more leg push so that you go higher. Going back to the trampoline example, instead of just staying stiff when you hit it, you can push off of it at just the right time, and it will pop you higher than if you just stayed stiff.

    * depending on your wake shape and other factors, you might have to distribute your weight a little to the back foot or a little to the front. But it should still be close to 50/50.
    ** I've been advised that this is bad advice; that the rider will do this naturally without trying. Since it gets done somehow, I'll leave this item here, but if you're really trying to pull the handle in, be aware that you might be pulling yourself off-balance if you are pulling too much.
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