First ever breakdown,no complaints,boat is great,other than normal wear/ no issues with my boat other than impeller & battery. But now NO SPARK.550 hours. I do not believe the plugs were ever changed. Marina claims to have done a "full service" in 2010 .

At the end of last summer I started getting hesitation getting up to speed wakeboarding between 15-22mph. Once she got there she ran ok. This was especially happening with extra people in the boat. Last week the boat stalled going very slow 5 mph, but then started back up.
Back at dock,my buddy inspected dist. cap & rotor.They were coroded so he replaced and she started up like new. after getting hot the boat stalled again .
He then replaced the module,performance coil. She fired right up, ran beautiful,thought I was ok until about 20 minutes then down again.No foul smells,no overheating. rowed her back to dock.
My buddy couldnt get to, or wasnt comfortable replacing the Pickup coil(round part in distributor that spins) . He suspects this is the problem.
Now the marina has the boat and there is no spark. Fuel pump ok.Computer ok. Marina said maybe a entire new distributor or maybe ECU or ECM(not sure of the part)? which I know is expensive. I guess its process of elimination. If you all have any suggestions it would be much appreciated. I have a load of company coming next weekend!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!