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    Default New (to me) Moomba LSV needs audio help!

    New to forums but I'm sure I will be spending some time here.

    Just bought a 2007 moomba mobius LSV with 20 hours on it. Love the boat but I need better audio.

    Trying to figure out how this thing is wired and I think I have it figured out.

    Boat has a roswell speaker cluster on the tower and Kenwood KFC-1608ie all around. Thats 4 in the cabin, 2 in front, and 4 on the tower.

    There is a kenwood KDC-Mp232 head unit and a KAC-x542 4 channel amp. The amp appears to be driving the front speakers on channel a1 + a2 and the tower on b1 + b2. The cabin seems to be running on the head unit.

    There is also what appears to be a 12" sub. Cannot figure out how it is powered (perhaps its own amp module in the sub?)

    So questions

    I'd like to keep my INITIAL budget to $1k

    1. The speakers are only rated for 40watt RMS. Is it worthwhile to upgrade the speakers as they are all getting about 40watt RMS. What are some good suggestions. Such a low sensitivity for a speaker! (I'm a pro audio guy)

    2. Sub. help. How is this configured and are there any simple options to upgrade?

    3. Head unit. How can I add Sirius to this. I feel it may be my best option to upgrade this to a better kenwood unit. I want satellite radio and an 1/8 input for ipod/iphone/androids. I've read in other places that buying kenwood simplifies the harness.

    4. My remote stopped working on day 3. I wiggled the remote -> harness -> plug under the dash and it sort of works. If I upgrade the radio what radios have remotes that will work in the existing harness?
    (the remote is an Aeware)

    Thanks in advance all knowing moomba community

    Here is a pic of her all cleaned up
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