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    Ccw starts tomorrow. Making my son go. Too young to carry but should still know the law.
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    Default recent burglery attempt(s)

    Quote Originally Posted by jpetty3023 View Post
    in TX, if a theft is being committed in the hours of darkness deadly force is authorized. we also have what's called the castle doctrine.

    basically, deadly force is authorized if you feel your life, or that of a third person, is in imminent danger in your residence or curtlidge of residence. I said that to say this, if you draw your weapon be prepared to use it. sounds like Ryan has had justifiable cause to use deadly force if he choose to. what you should never do is fire a "warning shot".

    you are responsible for each shot you fire and must be aware of your "backdrop". if you are authorized to fire a warning shot ( that round could land anywhere) you should/could be able to articulate how you were in fear for you life. because you were in fear for your life, and to protect your life and the lives of your family members, you applied deadly force.

    warning shots are ridiculous, dangerous, and should never be taken. you either have the right to shoot the bad guy or you don't. if you don't have the right to shoot the bad guy and you fire off a warning shot you could be charged accordingly

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    x2! Perfect J! And just to add to that... If/when that time comes to make such a decision, you will have to live the rest of your life with that decision whatever the outcome may be. You don't only have to be physically ready, but also mentally ready to protect you and your loved ones in the case of a life and death situation.
    That being said, if your life is in imminent danger and you DO fire your weapon... you don't shoot to injure and you don't shoot when they are fleeing, you shoot to stop the threat and until there is no longer a threat!
    For those of you that have and/or are getting your concealed carry license, you better take that course like your life depends on it and pay attention because your life does depend on it! If a situation goes down you are going to be held at a higher standard in court than the average Joe Blow that didn't take the course and who isn't properly "trained" in the use/operation of his gun and the understanding of the law.... Just food for thought guys. Get educated, knowledge is power!
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    This lady made more than one mistake but it also illustrates why a warning shot is foolish:
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    This lady made more than one mistake but it also illustrates why a warning shot is foolish:
    That is a funny story, "women and blacks are treated different" under the mandatory minimum limits. Also, according to the story, "she closed her eyes and shoot, after she left the house and got her gun from her car and came back in".

    That's "Stand your ground after you go get your gun."
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    Thanks to all of you for the tips. We're new to handguns, myself included. Mostly just shot shotguns...
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