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    Default Weekend Mods Day 1 - Stereo/Tint

    So i goto Bestbuy to see what they would qoute me to re-wire all my amps/stereo w/ new lines and make sure eveything is tip top:

    i wish i had a before but trust me it was a birds nest of wires:

    He lifted them all off the floor, cut to fit, wrapped them all in the black plastic. (charge $140 w/ parts)

    Next on list i see that they do window tint, i ask them what they would charge me, they look and say "we will just charge you the regular cab truck price of $115 and its lifetime guarantee bubbling/purple, i say "DEAL" went 30%

    as im walking out i see an open box deal on a 10' kicker sub w/ box. (the sub i have i've had for 12 years) i measure the box w/ my phone and its smaller, nicer, newer, was $180, open box sale $69.99

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