So, I was REALLY tired of the transom flexing and the platform feeling like it was going to fall off, so I finally got around to making reinforcement plates. I used 3/8" thick aluminum plate as shown (approx. 8x, attached with lag screws on the bottom (2 original & 2 new), attached with screws on the top (2 original and 2 new), and 1.5" angle iron on the inside, attached to the floor with 5 lag screws per side. All hardware is stainless steel of course. Generous usage of 3M marine adhesive/sealant!!! I apologize, but missed taking the pictures of the inside. I was more worried about getting it done before this weekend.

Result, can't even see them when it is in the water, doesn't look bad outta the water (polished the crap outta them), and the platform is nice and solid like it is supposed to be. Couldn't be happier, and have about $70 or so into it is all. All parts/mat'l purchased from eBay.