So i have a list going of all the updates i want to give my 06 mobius to make it feel as new as possible w/ all these updates moomba is doing.

i ordered my tower mount mirror today from, should be getting it later in the week. Also Friday im going to a stereo install place to re-wire my stereo (i did myself a few years back and have wires everywhere) to tighten it up and make it "professional install"

i've also decided to take off all my Decals for now, (i have a bad scratch on one side of my boat, and the other is scruffed up from rubbing against a dock i was parked at overnight)

Couple ?'s

i'm gonna use a heat gun, buy some goo gone or 3m adhesive remover (where is best place to buy) and what should i use to help peal it off other than my fingernail (dont have much) and where should i pick it up at?

i'll probably go naked for a little while but im very interested in putting the Chrome Lettering Decals on. Where do i find these and what price should i be looking at. I have found them on 2 sites but they want $210 just for the MOOMBA 69' (1 Side Only)


And if anyone has a pic of a yellow LSV naked (real or photoshoped) that would be cool to see what its gonna look like.