I give up...There are entirely too many wake boards to choose from. Every review seems identical to the next. I currently have a Ronix Mana and I want to try something different this year. I tried my buddy's Liquid Force PS3 last year and really liked it. It landed much easier and I could roll edges and hook up easier while carrying more speed into the wake.

My Ronix is a 3 stage rocker and the PS3 was a continuos rocker. I'm leaning more towards a continuos rocker and that leaves me with about 30-40 boards to choose from. I found a blemish Hyperlite Marek Nova for a steal, but I know nothing about them and only using their suggested $700 retail price as a guide thinking it's a high end board. I only ride open water and want a board that transitions smooth and holds a good edge into the wake and doesn't hit too hard on landing.

Got any favorites or boards to stay away from?