So I now have three ski boats and a pontoon boat which is two boats too many. I am going to be selling two of the ski boats, an older Ski Sanger and our 02 Mobius.

The Sanger has some pretty heavy oxidation and my kid and I figure it is the perfect guinea pig, then do the Moomba then our latest boat.

I have never used a variable speed polisher before and after way too long on the internet (Kids! Stay off the internet! Just Say NO) I ended up buying;
A Dewalt 849X polisher

A 6 Backing Plate

A bunch of different colored (for different compounds) foam pads

3M 05954 Super Duty Compound

3M 35928 Finesse-it II Marine Glaze

3M 06064 Perfect-It Machine Polish

3M 06044 Imperial Compound and Finishing Material

  • Did I get the correct products?
  • Is that the order I use the products?
  • Am I missing any steps?