Hi there, I hope someone can help with my issue.

First of all we had a 2007 Moomba lSV, we had a great surf wake and quite a good ski wake as well and all around it was great boat. We had a 1235 acme prop, we used 750 lb fly high sacs in the back corners and with a few people we had a great wave.

ISSUE: we have a new 2012 Moomba lsv and we cannot get a wave or consistency like our 07. We have tried everything the same as the old boat. We are wondering if the hull has changed and therefore it is more difficult to sink the boat (so we need more ballast?) or should we be putting ballast elsewhere in the boat too? We have the 1235 Acme prop on it and have the Digital Cruise Pro.

Any help from someone who really does know the answer that has a similar boat and year would be great and thanks!