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    Default what would be a good price on an 04 XLV?

    I would like to get opinions on a boat that I am looking to purchase. Here are the details from the listing:

    For sale is my 2004 Moomba Mobius XLV
    303 Engine hrs
    All the options!!
    Gravity 3 Ballast System (2 - 500lb bags in rear, 1100 lb in front)
    Perfect Pass
    Custom teak platform
    Bimini top

    One of a kind color scheme (these colors were only available to Supra's in 04)
    Awesome stereo system - this thing screams
    Pioneer indash - cd / ipod / sirius
    12" kicker sub woofer
    2 big amps (can't remember brand and pic isnt clear)
    6 polk audio 6" speakers
    4 Liquid Audio tower speakers / lights
    All professionally installed by Best Buy
    New trailer tires in 2011
    Brand new towable cover in 2012

    This thing is cleaner and better cared for than anything else in the price range
    Professionally winterized / summarized every year
    Always stored inside, never been rained on - seriously
    Waxed twice per year
    Washed after every single outing (my wife hated me for this)
    I literally spent as much time cleaning it as i did using it

    Also included are:
    2 xtra 500 lb bags and tsunami pump (massive surf wave)
    3 wakeboards all hyperlites
    Hyperlite surfboard
    2 "no stretch" wakeboard ropes
    Wakesurf roap
    WEGO KITE TUBE (thats right I still have one - and it's practically brand new)
    Hundreds of $ worth of cleaning supplies
    5 or 6 slalom skies
    2 tubes
    12 lifejackets
    3 or 4 kids lifejackets

    it wasn't mentioned in the listing anywhere, but it supposedly has the optional 340hp engine (is this an indmar monsoon or hammerhead). The boat is supposed to be immaculate inside and out. What would be a good price on the boat and trailer? I have yet to look at it since it's 650mi away but am willing to make the drive if it's the right boat.

    We are looking for a boat with enough room to take several friends or family members out on the lake with us. We'll be primarily wakeboarding but if the boat that we end up with is set up to surf behind i'd like to try that out too. We also ski and tube on occasion. It will be used on a small lake for the most part but we do plan to go to beaver lake, ar a couple times a year.

    Sorry for the long post but I value your opinions and hope to get some direction on finding the right boat for the right price. I'm in no hurry to make a purchase and would be willing to wait on a boat that is more suitable if this isn't a good match.

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    I think you need to put up the price they are wanting out of the boat and then you will get more opinions on whether it looks like a good deal. it would also help if you had pics of the interior. just based on the info above, if it's in good shape, I'd think very high 20's to possibly 32? it's 9 years old. I see '06-08's for sale in the mid-high 30's all the time. condition will play the biggest part, but factor in it's the beginning of the season in a lot of areas and how motivated is the seller.. it would appear they are getting out of boating completely based on the gear they are selling with it so my guess would be pretty motivated to move it.
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    Here's a good place to start:
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    the price is $28K right now. I have checked NADA guides but a lot of times toys will vary from NADA depending on brand. I am not able to post pics but here is a link to the auction. I was not the highest bidder but was contacted after the auction. The first bidder wasn't able to afford the boat.

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    It always trips me out when people don't know stuff like what kind of amps they have.
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    I have checked NADA however they are not always accurate depending on the brand, condition etc. The owner is firm at $28K with the accessories or $27K without.

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    Seems like a good price to me.....
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    I would say 28K is a GREAT price for the boat if its actually in the condition he states! pretty low hours as well, like with any boat purchase I would get it checked out before and get out on the water and test it out!
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    It was on ebay but the high bidder wasn't able to pay for the boat so it didn't sell.
    here is a link to the auction:

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