I have previously used babes on the vinyl of my old Moomba LS. I liked the way it smelled and it gave a little bit of a supple look to my old vinyl, but it didn't seem to clean very well. For anything resembling anything close to a tough stain, I had to get stronger cleaner. I also used it last fall on the brand new boat but other than the smell and again maybe making the vinyl temporarily look just a little more supple, it was hard to tell I'd even put it down. Of course there wasn't much dirty on it yet.

I just ordered a huge order of boat bling stuff. I will be picking the new boat up from the dealer on May 10 (winterization / storage / stereo work) and will report back on my experience with the boat bling. I got hte vinyl sauce, the quickie sauce, all of it. 4 different products.

As far as waxing, I used a 3M marine wax on my old boat previously with a 10 inch random orbital buffer for the outside and good old elbow grease for hte top deck. I applied once or twice a year depending on use and sun exposure. It did just fine and looked good.