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1) the likelihood of a "faulty filter" is probably 1% since they are all factory tested. 99% chance he's bullshitting you

2) Show me the filter - see #1. If 'oh, we threw it away' then again they are lying.

3) Whether they double gasketed it or worse didn't install a filter or the plug, there is no way they can know "no damage done" unless they tore the engine down. Life expectancy would certainly be a question.

They are telling you what you want to hear. Personally I would have insisted on being present when they inspected it, as a new engine is thousands of dollars.
double gasket happens more than anyone thinks, the old gasket will stick to the block if the first filter did not get its gasket lubricated properly. ive seen some blow out instantly and some make it around the block before blowing out. most customer never know about it happening since the car is still on the lift at the time, it will get the filte swapped back out for a new one, oil mess cleaned and off the car goes

once had a customers car loose there oil (tech fault) and drove there car 6 miles here, we filled it up, cleaned the mess, and bought them a power train warranty for 4 years. they kept the car for 3 years and did the oil changes here during those 3 years and never had a problem. they did put about 75k miles on the car.