I would love some advice for a first time inboard buyer. I am currently looking for an all around boat that can do it "all". I foresee the family primarily tubing, kneeboarding, and most definitely wake surfing. I tried surfing last year and was instantly hooked. I recently went to a Boat Show and was completely overwhelmed at all the differences between manufacturers. We quickly decided that all the really cool touch screens and bling were not justifiable for a boat that would be used for hopefully 5 months out of the year. I also wonder how all those electronics will end up performing over an extended period of time?? We think we have narrowed our selection down to either Moomba or Tige. I have been very impressed with the LSV and all it has to offer. The only comparable Tige model based on price is the R20, but spec wise it doesn't seem even close. Any advice on options if I end up going with a Moomba?? I wonder if the stock ballast will end up being enough down the road for a good surfing experience.
Thanks in advance for any advise.