We had a blast with Stacy over the past weekend. I really enjoyed the new LSV. The blue is deeper than the old color and it just pops out at you. The tower is really nice and he's got the Monster racks dialed in so they work flawlessly. I helped him replace his in boat speakers with some new Exile gear so we had some nice tunes too. We got out Sat. afternoon. It never quite warmed up. I'd guess the water was around 68 or so and the air around 75. Comfy in the sun but the water felt kinda cool. Me and the two older boys skipped the wetsuits and just trunked it. I've always said I'm good down to about 62 but I think FL is getting to me b/c when I jumped in I cried, "Mommy, Mommy" and had the boys cracking up.

Anyway, he's got her throwing a nice wake already and I loved the new TripleX board we tried out. It's got a dual fin setup and you could carve with it pretty nicely. Both my boys got a little slack and I thought the wave had nice push to it. The pocket was way longer than I get on my LSV. I am going to have to get some more weight up front b/c I really like his wave. Here's some pics of a great day. Thanks again, Stacy!