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    How many hours on that puppy?, we know the "white tower" doesnt come as an option. can wait to see the audio setup as mine is very similar. you will be very pleased with the 4 xm9's

    They swap the prop for you as well to that 1600 something
    She only has 5 hours 2 of those are when we did the demo with Sandm. They only put 1 hour after the Cali test. I told Shane then i was going to buy it and it better not have a bunch of hours LOL.

    He only had 1 other dealer demo for it and then it went to his shop for storage. Been there ever since.

    Me and Claudia believe a lot in the saying, If its meant to be it will be, and Karma. We both find it amazing that when Shane came to the Cali Demo with this boat, it was almost exactly how we would have ordered it, and it was Grey, a new 2013 color. It matches the truck almost perfectly. The only thing more we could have asked for was metalic grey which is not an option on the Moomba line. I dont know if Shane got a picture of our truck to color match this or if it was completly faith. Either way we are very pleased.

    As for the Skylon tower, AWS is pushing real hard to get SC to make that the standard tower, they are super impressed with it.

    I will have to get close up pictures of those Racks, the tower and upper rack actually have Moomba Engraved in them. They are nice.

    Prop-- no i dont have the 1617 i had on the LSV as i sold it to a forum guy here. There is actually another prop even bigger and better that fits the Mojo that i will get if the prop i have now isnt good enough. Time will tell as when we had the boat loaded with surf ballast it wasnt having any issues like the LSV did.

    I might try plasti dip on the speakers to make them white. I like the Exiles Black personally but i might have to spray them white and see how i like it. I mean hey if i dont like it i can peel it off LOL.
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