Just spent a great day of skiing in San Marcos, Texas with Trent Finlayson last Sunday! The day I had can only really be stated as "One of my best days of waterskiing EVER!"

Trent is an amazing skier, very professional, and an honest to goodness all around guy!

It's amazing how we work hard all year to do our best and it blows my mind how a day of help and quality coaching and instruction can us.

I pretty much spent the whole day with Trent. We did three sets with instruction at the end of every run. How much I improved personally was amazing in my own mind. And what he saw in me and the changes he set forth to my technique changed me immediately for the better. Most of the changes were just subtle issues that make vast improvements. But he also changed my mind set and my approach as I come too the first wake and how I exit the second wake.

I only wish I lived in a climate like it is in Texas where one can ski year round! Today is Thursday and I can finally lift my arms above my head as I was so sore from using muscles that I haven't used since Oct when I last skied and put my boat away! But man o man was it ever a good hurt!!!!

So thankful for the day Trent and his wife Kara showed me! I will be back this winter to ski with him again, get more coaching, and work on what he taught me already? I'm going home on Friday but my ski and equipment are staying in Texas for my next visit down.

If you ski and are ever in Texas - look Trent up! You'll be more than happy you did.

Need his contact info please message me personally.