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    Default Owners: Moomba vs. Mastercraft

    I've been doing some reasearch, reading the boat rags. I was pretty set on a new Moomba Mobius XLV for 2006.

    Then last night I had dinner with a couple who brought another couple. They knew I was looking for a boat. When I mentioned that I was looking at a moomba, he couldn't of looked more unhappy.

    He was a former moomba owner in the 80's, with a new boat. It must have been a fairly old model as it had a closed bow. His gneral comments were a horrible ride, and cheap build quality. He had no mechanical complaints.

    His next boat was a mastercraft of the same era. He said it was a night and day difference. THe build quality was much better. Although he did say that they had nothing but headaches with the dealer.

    I would like an honest opinion. Was the build quality between the two manufacturers as described back then? How has this changed? What is the build quality compared to mastercraft today?

    I know that everything evolves over time, but even today there is a $20k difference in pricing, that has to account for something.

    I would appreciate honest and cut and dry feedback.

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    Some of the guys at Moomba/Supra used to be at MC, or so I was told or read somewhere. That bieng said just check out the WEB sites of each. I have tried to get onto the MC site like this one but could not do so. I feel that my 2000 Moomba Kamberra is just as nice as a similiar sized MC. But if you look at the Web sites and the constuction methods, you will see that they are very good.

    My Kamberra still gets compliments everytime we go out in her. Just the other day I was asked if it was an '05!!

    Hope that this helps, besides, both MC and Moomba use the same engines, ect.


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    What Ed said. I have a 2001 Outback LS that still looks new and still turns heads. Never had any problems with quality, fit or finish. I've received excellent customer service from both my dealer and the guys at the plant. Can't beat the price, either. The reason for the $20,000 difference is because they'd rather sell boats then gouge their customers.

    I think instead of comparing boats built 20 years ago it's better to do what you're doing now........asking the Moomba owners themselves.

    After my experience with this boat I wouldn't even consider another brand. I'm that impressed.


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    The guy said he owned an older Moomba. When Moomba first came out they were a basic ski boat with a couple of seats thrown in. They were meant to provide a good wake at the cheapest way possible. Search on the web for Boomarangs and Kangas. You will see a huge difference between Moomba then and now. A good in-depth review of the companies can be found at Waterski Magazines website. Go to their boat reviews and click on company profile buttons.;contentID=33;contentID=33

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    I think that from a mechanical standpoint the Moomba is clearly at least as good. Hand-laid fiberglass hull, same engines, same teleflex controls, good guages, etc.

    In my opinion, the differences come in the finish stuff. Lots of chrome on the Mastercraft, more interior padding, often thicker carpet, chrome grab bars, nicely finished dash, ss rubrail, logo integrated into the finish, stuff like that.

    Interestingly, take a close look at the parts on the MC vs. Moomba. The last time I looked, they had the same vinyl manufacture, same windshields, same engines, same control cables, same props. Part of the Exec Team from MC defected in the late 90's and bought Skiers Choice. Think it's a coincidence that they are buying their parts from the same suppliers and building hulls the same way?

    I truly believe that what it all really comes down to is ego gratification and fluff. I think you'll be fine on the water either way (but your bank account will be much happier with Skiers Choice). Good luck.

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    It really struck me this weekend, I looked at a used 2001 MC X-star this weekend. Loaded, with 500 hours... and they wanted $38k. I just can't imagine paying that much for a 5 year old boat.

    I would rather have a new boat for around the same price, and know that I took good care of her.

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    Moomba it's great the boat it's perfect i own a lsv 05, MC it's too expensive because you're paying the name.



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    When you buy a MC you are supporting all of their pro riders. Im not for certain how many there are from SC but Im pretty sure there arent as many

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    I am on my second Moomba. I currently have the Gravity Games XLV and I LOVE it. By far the best boat I have ever owned. Plus after the purchase I had money left over to buy new boat toys. I do mot think you can go wrong with Moomba.

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    The 10 - 15K diff in price will buy a lot of gas. I figure they use about the same.
    Learn all you can today. Tomorrow you may need to know it!
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