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You know this is the...
"can of worms"
"pandoras box"
etc etc...

...1" hose can be used on the funky T-1200's 1-1/8" fittings with a little persuasion and heat. But like NSCU is saying if you have manifolds and valves to deal with you may just want to gut them all and start from scratch like you are thinking with 6 pumps. My old setup had a single Rule 1100 pump with the line T'd to fill both rears, and each rear had it's own drain pump, all wired to the same switch. I didn't have any valves or manifolds - nor front ballast. My new setup has 6 pumps, 3 switches...

You guys are killing me!

I started by asking about a simple switch move after reading about the OTRATTW custom switches and now I just sent WakeMakers an email asking about getting a whole new system of pumps, lines and bags!!

I feel like I didn't just buy a boat, I joined some kind of cult!!!!

Eric (blurry eyed and credit card out).