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2002 right? $10 says you have aerator pumps.
Well it seems that what I thought was on ’01 is an ’02 I’m told and I don't know how I messed that up (Don’t get old kids!) and Berge, I owe you $10 as I was able to locate two of my pumps!

One pump is connected right to the front bag in the locker and there is another down in the engine well, it looks like it pulls water from an under boat pick up.

Switching over your wiring to new switches should be piece of cake (still). Which means running all new wiring to the pumps is really not necessary if they are all working at the moment. Unless you're looking for ways to tear the skin off your knuckles during the winter months.
Well, I’m not really looking to add to my list of “to do’s” but I do have some more questions now;

  1. Where are my other pumps?
  2. How do you get to them? Is there some secret hatch under the carpet? Do I need a midget? Should I train a squirrel? (Like that is ever a bad idea)
  3. Am I supposed to have six total (plus a bilge pump)?
  4. Three fills and three dumps?
  5. It looks like I have 500 gph pumps, is it worth changing out to the 1100s?

And while I am asking questions;

  1. I found water under my front ballast bag and the boat is inside during our brutal NorCal winter (had to put jeans on today!! UGH!) – What is the best way to get it out?
  2. What is a “Gravity” I or a “Gravity III”?
  3. What is an IBS? (I don’t think you guys are talking about dairy products….)

Thanks again, Eric

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