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    Hi, just installed the new ballast today. For the 1" TH I have to enlarge the stock holes (didn't take tool to do it). We tested (only 1 driving and 1 surfing). Speed was 15km/h (9.4 mph) max otherwise the wave become dirty. Wakeplate 3/4 up. Starboard ballast 20%. How much did you put in your starboard ballast when wakesurfing ? Did you fill 100% the IBS ? The lake today was not flat at all so maybe it's not the best to test. We will test again tomorrow with more people onboard. About the propeller, did you change it?, it seems the boat as much more difficulties to move all that weight compare to stock ballast !
    Timer setting (aprox) Left 13min (1100+370), Center 11 min (stock + IBS) & Right 11min (1100)
    Thanks for feedbacks
    p.s : my hands are ruined with these damned hose !! even with heatgun !! Especially the "Y" connection !
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    2012 Moomba Mojo 2.5
    2x1100lbs, 370lbs, center hard tank+IBS
    ACME 1235 prop
    Wakeboard Hyperlite Belmont
    Wakeskate Hyperlite Byerly
    Wakesurf Hyperlite Broadcast 5.4

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