First off, Great info here... Thanks for the detail.
I just took delivery of my new MOJO (2012 model) last week. I am just getting to know the boat and being new to surfing, thought it was OK but nothing like the picture in this thread. I guess I don't know what I am missing yet...

I am getting back to the lake next week and plan on some upgrading right away but I have a few questions. Please excuse the ignorance but I am literally just one week into this sport.

Why add the check valves in the vents, better for complete drain?
On the Wakemakers site they only refer to the MOJO in the 2013 section, I assume this is where I should be looking and its the Fly high 50x24x24?

I am planning to ease into the mods but thought I would start with an 1100 in the port locker (no goofy surfers yet), 400 in the stock starboard locker, fill the hard tank and perhaps use the stock port bag up front. The way its set up stock I am seeing big changes just from me moving from the drivers seat to the back and letting my wife take the wheel. Can I assume that with this full upgrade set up the wake is more resilient to change as 180 pound passengers move around?