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Wow, 1500lbs in the nose...watch out for rollers coming at you when you're slowing down!

What's the 411 on pumps? The stock ones seem to take quite a while to fill. If I change out the stern 650s for 1100s, It'll take a VERY long time to fill them. Is it advisable to put in a higher volume pump? Additional pumps?

I'll try taking off the middle fin on my Hyperlite Broadcast and see how that works. IS there a better "intermediate" board I should look at? And what size? I'm 6'5" 200lbs, and my wife is 5'5" 135lbs.
Surprising with 1500 up front i still have a good 2-3 feet of nose out of the water when she is approaching you at idle

Pumps will be fine

Fill time should be apx 1 minute per 100 lbs of ballast. 6-7minutes for the 650s and 10-12 minutes for the 1100s

That board is fine for what your doing, as in learning, there is another thread talking about boards to try out.

General rule of thumb, the lighter a board is the faster it is in the water, and the more expensive a board is the lighter and faster it is in the water.