Lastly to the review of the Mojo as im sure your tired of listening to me LOL.

My initial thoughts on the Mojo were ok nice boat, not what i want at all. To WOW really nice boat, deff could see it behind my rig and this boat is a ton moe then its being advertised as.

Me and Scott both hammered this point home to Shane. Over and over and over again.

SC needs to market the Mojo as the SC Surf boat. Not a wake board boat, not a do all family boat.

SC has that in everyboat they make. The Mojo is losing ground fast to the Family boat. Who gives a rats tail about a family boat at this point? No one because every boat SC makes is dubed as that. This is the best thing SC has to a wake surf boat and the market is HOT HOT for surfing and SC better get this info out there and start drawing in that crowd that wants a surf boat but doesnt want to spend 80K.

I spent the weekend at the Polar Bear event and i rode in
Pavati boat.
Ski Supreme 226V
Centurion 244
Tige Z3
i passed on the Sanger 237

I looked threw all the boats, herd all the comments, and rode in 4 out of the 5 and even though i didnt surf them the Mojo would have been a serious contender. Fit, finish, wave quality for looks were all on par with the big boy SURF boats costing 5-30K more then a Mojo.

The worst thing was about the event was people really wanted to ride the Mojo. Not because its a Mojo but because its a Moomba. No one there owned a Moomba except me that i know of. Most of them turned there nose up at a Moomba like most of us do about a Bayliner as a surf boat. It was comical at times and exptreamly frustrating at others. I had to stay even keeled and not push the Moomba brand because i have to stay open minded to others thoughts and reasoning at this event.

All i can say is when Sunday came and the Sanger didnt show up, if the mojo could have been there is would have been a game changer.