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And from your own website....
Exile engineers examined the physics behind professional sound reinforcement acoustics, boat tower mechanical considerations and the open air musical distortion characteristics of the marine environment. What started as an idea became a vision and eventually turned into an engineering collaboration spanning several different industries. It was the efforts of many that allowed Exile team to, "Dream it, Design it, and Build it from the ground up". The XM tower speaker system is built with incredible precision for the marine environment and is capable of projecting full force Hi-Definition sound at 80 feet and still offer clear, warm and full sound for your passengers sitting onboard. The bottom line: Your ears don't lie. Listen to the XM series speaker and experience crystal clear sound

Only reason your lack of respect towards BrianPDX surprised me.
Those are Exiles own marketing words, copied right from their website. Now, if you want to discuss audio gear, lets discuss audio gear. If you want to know the specifics of my past experience with Exile, then feel free to send me a PM, as this thread is not the place. I have nothing to hide and will gladly answer any and all of your questions in a private conversation. What brands I sell or do not sell is irrelevant.