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The Exile "Air Puck" as it was going to be called, was scrapped IIRC. I was a re-badged Avantalk BTTC-200 unit and had limited range and poor sound quality in receive mode when the MP3 player's volume was above half. Not a total bust at only $35, but not nearly the best BT unit out there. I cant wait to see whats new from WS.
Well, I haven't received any corrected/updated info as of yet from Exile, so I reached out to them via email. I am not trying top start a p!$$!ng match here, but I whole heartily believe that consumers are owed accurate and factual information about potential product purchases. Brian stated that something that I have posted is inaccurate. I have made two offers to post a correction/retraction. As stated, if my info is incorrect/inaccurate, then I am more then willing to make it right. We will see.

In the mean time, I offered to edit "scrapped" and use "put on hold until further notice" since that better reflects what was posted by Brian in a prior WW thread.