I am personally enjoying the thread. I bought my new 2012 LSV this year with much excitement as my 2004 I sold had 2004 equipment and needed replaced. I am trying to understand how much better the Exile or Wetsounds stuff sounds for the serious coin being spent. I used to compete in car audio, but have been out of that for about 17 years when I started having other priorities and less disposable income. When I ordered my boat I had the slightly upgraded 6 speaker system with amp put in and did not go with the subwoofer as I questioned how good could it be in a boat? and passed on Tower Speakers with my poor quality/worn out experience from by 2004. After ordering I did decide to have my dealer add Tower Speakers partly for the look and partly because it would be a single cost to justify later(roll it into the total package). I went with an Aerial Can with the JL 7.7's powered by another Kicker 300.2 amp. I love the look of them and think they sound good, but admittedly don't get many chances to truly turn them up as my family(wife, 4/6/8 year old) think it is too loud when I do. Not sure about the amp, but do think the Speakers were a good value(about $500/pair)

Would love hear mine next to some of these Wetsounds/Exile systems to see how muchNew Boat 4.jpg I am missing.