Just looking for some opinions from those who are smarter with money than I I have a pension through my job as well as a retirement account that I put money into. The wife and I have been looking at a small cottage on our favorite lake here in the area. With the stock market doing as crappy as it has been doing, we have been thinking about cutting back on putting money into the retirement account and going ahead and purchasing this small cottage. The amount we put into the retirement account is equivalent to a house payment. Speaking with the "financial advisor" with the company we use at work for the retirement accounts obviously doesn't want us to cut back on our investing and keep maintaing. I was thinking with the way the housing market is right now that it wouldn't be a bad investment not to mention we would use it constantly from April-October for boating. I have AT LEAST another 20 years before I can retire and start collecting my pension. Any thoughts or opinions would be great.