JMV - you crack me up.

"The 4 9's are where its at. not sure i even need other speakers in the boat."

I'm glad you all have had good experiences with Exile gear. Thats our aim every time, regardless or what you need gear wise. I'm not going to DIS any brand, but to the op that is inquiring about KRYPT, Id really do some talking with people privately that have first hand experience with it.

Exile is but one choice out there. As what was mentioned above, if you end up at the Houston party this weekend on the water, you can hear some good Exile setups. Yes, our retailer out there will let people do some demo'ing of the 9s. No problem.

Hit me up if you need any info. Be happy to help you with anything. Even if its just some technical info on speakers in general.


Exile Audio