As recommended by Drew this will be my thread to track the progress of the Smith's Supra Weight Loss Challenge I was given by my wonderful wife. The challenge is that I lose at least 80 pounds by August 1, 2013. If I meet or exceed the weight loss challenge target within the allotted time I have been given authorization by my lovely wife to begin negotiations to sell or trade in my 2010 Moomba Outback V and purchase a New Supra 21V or 22V. We have not yet decided between the Launch and the Sunsport as yet. I am leaning towards the Launch but the wife seems to like the walk thru bow on the Sunsport better than the playpen.

The wife made this deal while we were out boating on Monday July 30th, 2012. Since the offer was made I have lost 11.5 pounds, so far so good.

For the case of full disclosure my beginning weight was 310 so with the 11.5 loss I am currently at 298.5 as of 5:30 AM this morning, so that leaves at least 68.5 pounds yet to lose over the next year.

As a side note my wife has allowed the negotiations to start earlier, in July 2013, if I have met the minimum weight loss goal by then.

I guess Iíll update this thread each month around the 1st...