This was my post from the July Pic thread. Thought it should get its own thread in case it lead to a goes...

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Well, this isn't on the water but I felt like it was post worthy...tint guy just sent me this pic of my boat. He tinted my windows while the boat is in storage back home while we are on vacation in Florida. Now that's service!!

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If you are in metro ATL and want your windows tinted call James at Tint Proz.

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Ok so got back from vacation last night just went to check out the tint and this is what I find...

Driver side

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Passenger side

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I haven't paid him yet, was going to after I inspected it. I called him up and talked to him about it and his only solution he offered was to come back an take the tint off and I don't owe him. It looks good from the outside but when you are inside is when you notice everything. Also looks like his blade botched up the black rubber along the window. Me being an anal perfectionist I don't think I can handle it. I asked if he could redo the driver side and we he square but haven't heard anything back from him yet.

Anyone else have a problem like this? Can others with tinted windows post some pics of the inside of their windows?

UGH! So disappointed! I was REALLY excited about this.

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