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    Simple answer is WakeMakers and Exile want the best sounding boat on their showroom floor.

    Also I like the new cover. Too bad that one would not fit my boat so it is safe from me this weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viking View Post
    If you do all your own work why is it at Wake Maker or Exile?
    sorry mike - couldn't resist!
    HAHA its ok

    Couple reasons, generaly all the stuff we do in my boat is first time its been done, also what better place then a shop where you can walk around the boat easily, i dont have to clean up the shop when im done working, <i do though> and best part is when im working i got use of all the supplies and gear in the warehouse.

    Much eaiser then needing a part and driving an hour each way to get the part. I will generally sit down with those guys, plan out what this years upgrades are, then plan time to bring the boat in. Get all the upgrades done, test it out, have Brian tune the stereo, and then roll out to the water.

    This is also nice because it gets the boat out of my garage for a bit and i can get bigger projects done at home that i need garage space for.

    Ive been dragging my feet but i need to do a write up and post pics of the all new Wake Makers system in the boat, i have 2 jabsco pumps mounted on the rear wall above the muffler, then 4 bags running off those 2 pumps with the Y valves and i added 2 1inch threw hulls under the boat to feed those pumps. Then removed the 3 way tree for the factory GIII and its direct line to the ski locker bag and IBS in the nose.
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