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    Default Tower

    Thanks to Ray at Performance Boats for hooking me up with a factory tower for my Outback. Well worth the 18 hour round trip from New Hampshire to Maryland. Now we just need the snow to melt so I can find the boat.
    Don't hesitate to deal with Ray. He's a straight shooter who knows all the Skiers Choice line. The factory is fortunate to be represented so well.
    If anyone has purchased a cover with the tower cutouts, I'd appreciate a reference. I can't decide which is the best fastening method.


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    Default Get a standard boat cover

    Get a standard boat cover and have a tarp place modify it. Place here had sewn in a strap and snap on each side of the tower so you still pull the tarp tight and unsnap it when you take it off..
    1998 Mobius
    310 HP PCM

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