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    Default Hour Guage Not Working??

    Maybe it's a good problem to have, however...

    I have an 08 LSV I bought new and noticed at the beginning of this season my hour meter was stuck on a certain number hour (cant remember what it was) but now it's just number or anything, just a blank screen. All the other guages seem to be working fine. Any ideas of what this could be? Fuse? Wiring? Sensor?

    One final note...I did have her in the shop at the end of last season after hitting something underwater do to the drought we had here in the Houston area and the lake being near record low levels. The dealer had to repair the prop/shaft/strut/seal and do some fiberglass work on the hull as well (thank goodness for insurance!). Not sure if this has anything to do with the hour meter issue or not...maybe a plug/sensor/connector or something that wasnt reconnected by the dealer?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Dealer said he was going to make it like brand new again, did he?
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