Our max POB (personnel on board) is 180 and right now I think we are at like 174 or so. they like to keep a few empty beds in case BSSE (the government people) show up for an inspection and have to stay over night. The rooms are not too bad, the normal crew rooms are 2 man room with a bathroom so we dont have to use community showers or anything which is a plus. The living quarters is deck 6, 7, 8, and 9 while offices occupy deck 10 and deck 11 is the bridge. Deck 5 is the galley and gym and deck 4 is the change room. Oh and we also have a music room with some guitars and drums for people who play. We have an elevator but I prefer the stairs, helps keep me from getting too round!

The ship itself is 749 ft long i believe and 136 ft wide. That may not be exact but it is within 10ft i am sure. we have 6 azipod style thrusters, three forward and three aft with a top speed of about 11 knots. 6 really big wartszilla engines power the electric generators that supply all out power and we can hold something like 3.2 million gallons of diesel. i think we can run in transit for like 2 months without needing fuel. I know we made it all the way from singapore without refueling.

As far as how far out we are I am not sure. It takes about an hour by chopper so I would say 100 miles or so. No land is visible but we do see tankers pass and there are a couple other rigs drilling around us. Our water depth is around 4,200 ft.

Here is a picture i snapped of the rig while i was in singapore.