I know this is way off topic for most on here but just wanted to give a shout out to the 40 hockey players and MANY volunteers who either played in the game or helped out to keep the players going.

This Hockey game set a new Guiness book of world records ,with the game lasting 246 hrs. Players ,played on 4hrs off 4 hrs staggered shifts for the last 10 days in a Nearby local arena. Helping to raise 1.5 Million for our local Childrens hospital cancer unit.

Players were not allowed to leave the building, they lived at the arena and slept in an adjacent curling rink set up with cots and a small indoor village allowing them to sleep and eat between shifts etc. Many volunteers ,helped feed and nurse and basically care for the players. Injuries ,were everything from cuts , bruises stiches,broken teeth a broken ankle ( which the guy broke on day 2) still playing..... to swollen feet. Most players had to swap skates midway through ,upping skate sizes on average 2 sizes,due to swollen feet.

The goal was to raise 1.5 Million with 1.4 officially reached at games end,with cash donations still coming in so the goal will likely be achieved.

Most of the players are from the Oil/gas industry etc but quite a variety, still a pretty skilled bunch just the same.

Not that the score was important .... but final score was 4100? to 3800?. Anyways just want to put out a Thankyou to all those involved. I have a couple friends who helped and a friend who played. The City/Country are proud of you. Way to go Guys.