Now several wondered what was next in store, a new boat? I wish but as always i know my woman and i knew my Victory wouldnt go un answered in terms of tit for tat lol.

Tuesday morning with no warning i get a text from Claudia,
C:Malo i got the itch to buy a new car.
Me: OK =/ what caused this?
C: I am tired of spending 70 every 4 days in gas
Me: Yea im tired of seeing the fuel charges
C: I want a Diesel so i can get good milage
Me: Ok ill look into it today see what i find.

With in 30 minutes i got a list of 8 cars from her. All Mercedes ML320s LOL Thats my girl LOL

I tell her no frigin way, they arnt any bigger then your Equinox and they get the same milage, its to heavy for the engine they have in it. So i say do we really need an SUV? When do you ever have people in it? When do you use the back? Like once a year lol. Lets get a V dub TDI. Shes very skeptical but im not ive done my reseach and just been waiting to pounce on one.

So down tot he VW dealer and have her see the cars, we looked at the Jetta and Passat, she drives the Pasatt SEL TDI <this is the fully loaded version> and loves it.

We work the numbers and im not to happy about the deal. Wont take money off the car, wont give me what i want for hers im like no deal.

Then we drive the Jetta, same car really but smaller, i bang my knees on the dash and my head on the door frame and im not that big of a guy and i feel cramped when driving it. I am how ever happy with the engines performance.

So we veto the Jetta, and go Lease program on the Passat i get closer to the trade in i want for her car only 1K less then i wanted and we sign the deal for the lease. Now she can get a new car every 2 to 4 years no milage penalties and no trade in early fees. Shweet, now shes getting 30+ mpg to work and back, we are going to save at least 140 a month in fuel, and when i added her and the house to my insurance we saved an additional 50 a month in insurance. So 200 a month saved, wow i can see a new boat in my furture before im 50 LOL.

She got the Passat SEL TDI with black interior its sweet, hell i might want to keep it when the lease is up and let her buy another so i can drive it when im not riding the bike lol.