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    Default Waaaay OT: But what fun it would be to rebuild this old piece of American Muscle.....

    I'd love to put this bad boy back together.......

    Pops never taught me a lot about engines mainly bc he didn't know a great deal, but I had a Great Uncle Bill, my Grandmothers brother who hailed from the great mill town of Kannapolis, North Carolina. And he could tear down and rebuild anything. Used to make us go carts out of old lawn mowers to ride when we came up to his lake home on Lake Carlton. GOOOOOOD TIMES. Always told him we would build a car together, but old fella has just about lost his sight due to diabetes. Been giving himself insulin shots for over 50 years if you can believe that.

    Very off topic, but I got to thinking about him and my Aunt Hazel looking at that old Chevelle. Two of the finest people I know.
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    I always wanted to build one of these.
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