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    Default Anyone know of a good ski mirror?

    I have a 98 Mobius and I'm looking to replace the stock tournament mirror with one that will affix to the walk-thru windshield and with the walk-thru windshield open the mirror will be above the windshield frame on the left side and when the walk-thru windshield is closed the mirror is in the center and can be pivoted down for use and also to cover the boat with the mirror attached. Does anyone know what make and model of mirror will do that? I've seen a few on other boats but I've never had the chance to chase them down to get the info (ha ha). I'm trying to get rid of the nasty blind spot that the mirror has especially when hauling the kids up front.
    1998 Mobius
    310 HP PCM

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    zabooda you should look at the cipa comp. extreme mirrror. the problem with all the mirrors is the mount to the windshield it gets in the way when you flip it open.i mounted the extreme above the windshield above the drivers seat. end result no blind spots and with its 3 mirrors, 2 which adjust a great skier/boarder view.would never use any other

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    Default I Concur

    The CIPA extreme is great. Will cost you around $100. Have one on my Mobius V and love it.

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