I took Serenity into the Les Schawb as part of my purchase agreement to get the front of the truck lifted and add duel stabalizers.

Now i know this is a big truck and it takes up a lot of space, so i folded the mirrors in <power folding mirrors--yea thats worth pimp points-- LOL

Schawb calls me around 2:00 says truck is ready and i can picj it up, i tell them ok ill be there after you close just lock the keys inside i can get in threw the keyless entry. NP

At 4:00 they call back to say theres some scratches on the drivers door. Evidently they pulled the truck on the alignment rack and put in park, opened the door and it rolled back slightly and the door hit the lift. OK im thinking minor but np, they are saying they will fix it, its no big deal they will take care of everything. So im being pretty calm and say ok.

At 4:15 they call back again and say were sorry Mr Mandley theres a little more damage then that, its got a dent in yuor door as well too. So im thinking its by the door handle and im still being calm but getting more angry as now ive been called twice and each time its getting worse. Still they insist they will fix it up and i dont have to worry.

I pick the truck up and the dent is not by the handle. its by the front fender, i open the door and notice the dent aligns up to the door hinges. Also the door now opens father then it used to, and when you close it you have to now slam it shut or push it till its fully closed.

I call them the next day and explain the extent of the damage i found, and how the door doesnt operate correctly and it goingt o need a body shop repair. There of course like ohh, well, we didnt think it was that bad, ok well get some estimates and we will go from there.

What really happend i think, is the guy was done working on the truck, went to back it out and instead of asking for a spoter he opens the door and look back behind him and then back outs catching the door on the lift and over extending it.

Body shop tends to agree.
one estimate is 1220 bucks to replace the hinges, remove door, completly disasemble it and paint it, then remove the front fender, remove the emblem and paint it as well, blend them both.
second estimate is 1280 to do all the above plus remove the rear door disasemble it and paint blend it to the drivers door as well.

Needless to say im pretty angry the truck needs body work at all. Theres only 1 scrach on this whole truck and its by the tail pipe on the rear corner and its hard to see, looks like a rock chip.
Now i have to deal with making sure all the cab looks the same dam color.