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    Default Spark Plug # for 2000 Outback

    I am away fro the boat and need to order plugs. Can anyone help? 2000 Outback with 310 HP Carb (Indmar 350)

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    Yep! I'm pretty sure you will need some. Mine won't run without them.
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    The plugs needed are a AC brand MR43LTS. This is OEM equipment, which are not offered at automotive stores, and should stay that way. These plugs are only available thru a local dealer or Indmar. The MR verifies it is a marine plug, and that the threaded part is stainless, (to ease removal and life of the plug in such a moist environment.). The gap should be.028 on carb. motors, and .045 on the fuel inj. motors. Hope this helps. Brian Raymond

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