Hey, wanted to post this for some ideas from those of you with a lot of stereo experience. I'm planning on installing my new tower this winter, and it came with a pair of twin speakers. I'd like some ideas for an amp, new receiver, and subwoofer/amp combo.

Aerial Speakers. jpg.jpg

Tower speaker specs (4 total);

6 1/2" coaxial mid/woofer
3/4" soft dome tweeter
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response 35-22kHz
Power Handling (continuous) : 60w
Power Handling (peak): 180w
Efficiency: 92dB

I'd like to amplify the tower speakers, and leave the boat speakers running off the receiver alone. I'm thinking a 12 inch sub under console with a remote level switch for the amp. And my only requirement for the deck is that it has iPod connection. If money allows I'd also like to upgrade the stock boat speakers.

I'm on a somewhat tight budget for the stereo, not Pyle and Boss tight, but a budget nonetheless. I'm looking for something that'll sound good at the sandbar. Anyone have any input on good reputable equipment on the cheap that'd work for my setup?