Run your vent lines from the V-drive sacs to the opposite side of the boat. This will keep them from draining out the vent hose when you are on a sharp lean while surfing. (Starboard side bag vents to the Port side and vice versa.)

With the floor pulled out I route the new hose the same way the original was in the grove in the top of the gas tank.

Here it splits off and one goes to the ski locker and one goes under the helm and up and out to the bow sac. There is a tunnel in the ski locker that you can reach through to help pass the hose out of the hole under the helm that your wires and steering cables come out of. You practically have to lie in the ski locker with your feet in the bow to reach far enough to do this. Wear a long shirt or you will have an arm full of fiberglass. This is also the tunnel you can use to run a vent hose from the end of your ski locker bag as it is not vented from the factory. The vent will run to the old drain thru-hull for the ski locker bag.