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    Quote Originally Posted by KG's Supra24 View Post
    argh, its taking everything i have to not say something about 4g, lol

    water ... have you tried any apaps? its been a while ssince i looked. I think PDnet uses cord only. If you already have wifi, could you not setup a network that your phone can log onto? I'm ssuming you are wanting to access files onyour phone from your computer? Or the inverse?
    I hear ya on the 4G. If you mean that it is not "true" 4G. The thing with the Sprint card is I do not get 4G speeds at my home. But I do like how their signal (for the most part) is dependable. Although lately something has been going on as one day I will have 4 bars and the next 1. They must be messing with the radio stacks. With T-Mobile I get the 4G speeds and it is literally night and day difference in speed. Piggy backing off my wife's phone's hotspot I can get 18mbps down while I get about 2 on Sprint's 3G network. Even when I am in an area with Sprint's 4G speeds the best I have gotten is around 8mbps very briefly. And their 4G flucuates signal horribly. Verizon's LTE is fast, but hardly anywhere and suffers the same fate as Sprint's wi-max in that it won't stay on LTE.

    The entire point of me wanting a phone that can have a fast connection as well as be a hotspot is bc I got rid of my cable for internet. So my router is just a box that sits under my desk. I have an aircard for work and phones for a wi-fi spot. We go over the 5 G allowance occasionally, but it just throttled back to 3G and off HSPA+ (or 4G) and I can deal with that.

    I do believe Sprint offers truly unlimited data plans without throttling down speed. They are the only ones. AT&T and Verizon both charge for data overage and it's not cheap. Especially when you are using it like I am. On top of that, all the carriers besides TMO charge to use the phone as a hotspot. Sucks.

    And the last reason that TMO has me by the short and curlies is bc when I go overseas, they are the ONLY carrier that I can take my phone, connect to a hotel's wi-fi and make free calls back to the States. Not Skype, just the internet. I do not leave the States much, but it has literally saved me hundreds of dollars over each of the past 3-4 years. I just wish they would put a dad gum cell tower by my hunting camp!
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    I gotcha. I was using an aircard for my home internet up until a month or so ago. Bought a Xoom and it seems to be working well so far as a hotspot. I haven't checked speeds as I know I'm def not in a 4g spot and I don't believe they have rolled out the update for 4g.
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