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    You don't want to buy an off-the-shelf bandpass enclosure because it will be a standard automotive box that won't last in a boat, it will likely be a universal box which isn't a good match with a specific woofer and because most bandpass boxes are like off-the-shelf bass-reflex boxes in that they are tuned for maximum and peak output only. They will hammer but only as an undamped, narrow, single note instrument. Very similar to bass-reflex, the quality can be all over the map depending on the design priorities. A musically accurate bandpass, which can be absolutely outstanding, will have to be designed for the Thiele Small parameters of a specific woofer and the design is seriously complex requiring computer program assistance. Plus, it will be an exercise from a design and execution standpoint to perfectly mate the enclosure and port against the external compartment vent. If you don't have the tolerance for this then its easiest to go with a custom sealed enclosure or perhaps a custom bass-reflex enclosure. In any case you will need to add a vent into the pass-through area.

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    I bought a sub box from when I did my system. Mine sits under the dash of the driver side. I use a Boston Acoustic G3 sub. The bass is amazing and hits hard. There is no issue with stuff coming loose or weird noise, or rattling of any sort. I know the box is a little pricey, but I think that it was worth it all the way. Check out my pictures of my stereo install and you will see the box I used and where I installed it.
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