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T, good information

strange, when I asked for gain recommendations, I got us an volt meter or o- scope, no recommended gain range was provided must be the different brand equipment.

rant and hijak over

if you reread your thread, you will see that you also received the same basic info. You were offered sound advice to set the gains properly as opposed to mimicking the exact settings of someone else with a similar setup. Although this may have put the gains in a safe range, but then again, you may have taken the settings from someone with theirs set to oh lets say...80% of max. So we would then be addressing a gain hiss/noise issue, etc. with your system.

I did not tell T where to set his gains, nor did i give him a recommended range to set them within. I gave him some perspective of just how high his gains are set. This is based on years of experience and installing and setting up countless Kicker 700.5 amps. In the end, T, as well as you, was given the advice to set the gains using a commonly accepted method.