I just have a few:

1. Why can't posts be edited? I'm a member of a ton of internet forums, and they all allow editing of posts. The 15 minute edit rule is obnoxious.
-Editing comes in extra handy when you have a For Sale post - when your item sells the original poster can edit or close the initial post to inform buyers that the item is sold. This seems to be essentially what Ed G is trying to do with that thread, but the need to PM a mod to sell something is stupid, it will never work. The mod's are giving themselves too much work.

2. This forum NEEDS an "Off Topic" board. The General Chat section gets littered with stuff completely unrelated to Moomba boats, which is fine, but it really skews the purpose of that board: "Questions & Comments about Moomba boats"

3. In the 'How To' board there should only be 1 "sticky" and it should be a continually updated index of the basic important stuff, like Prop Shaft Alignment, Winterization, etc. The forum has a search feature, users can quickly find what they are looking for, we don't need a bunch of stickies.

4. Why are threads locked at a certain point (especially noticeable in the 'How To' board? If you have a question, starting a new thread for the same topic just clutters things up.

5. There are too many threads with people's names as the subject. Send a PM.

Without suggestions, we can't improve. None of this is meant to offend anyone, just things that I have experienced on other forums and stuff that I think will help improve and build the boards.