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You will need to drill 3/8 holes for mounting the clamps, i would suggest 1/2 thought as this will give you more wiggle room to move the clamps to the adjustment you need.

As for the clamps theres 2 styles, Normal which are large and on an OBV tower wont tighten down, then there are the OBV style clamps there the bottom of the clamps is machined off to allow it to clamp.

When Exile ships the speakers they are sopposed to manualy change your clamps if you have this tower. I would call Brian and explain what happaned. There has been a couple speakers sent out like this since its a manual swap and not a preboxed speaker setup for the OBV tower diameter.

Thanks Mike,

I'm pretty sure I got the wrong clamps and have left Brian a voicemail to that effect. Waiting to hear back from him. My father-in-law is headed down there this weekend so I could send the clamps I have now down with him to exchange for the right sized ones.

I'm sure it will all work out